Premier Makhura Promotes High-End Cannabis Factory

HIGH-END FACTORY: Gauteng Premier David Makhura visits cannabis factory in the Vaal

Gauteng Premier David Makhura on Wednesday visited the cannabis CBD Full Spectrum factory in the Vaal, where he urged South African growers to build a sustainable industry.

The factory houses various strains and medicinal purposes of the cannabis plants.

The facility, founded by CEO Prof De Beer is the first licensed and most advanced cannabis plant in South Africa.

Prof De Beer also unveiled a cutting-edge indoor cannabis medicinal growing unit technology that is ushering in new industrialisation.

The Gauteng Provincial Government is committed to building new sustainable industries.

The cannabis industry is a very critical industry that is at the centre of the vision of reindustrialising the Vaal.

“CEO Prof De Beer and I are challenging @elonmusk@JeffBezos, and @richardbranson  to take our South African cannabis strains to Mars and Space to grow and cultivate,” tweeted Makhura.

“Through these cannabis seeds, we can create our own pharmacy in space. Let’s build new sustainable industries.”

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