Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Connected world

4G Networks Support Communities Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Much of the current hype in the telecommunications space focuses on the roll-out of 5G technology, the new mobile networks that will power the...
telkom mobile

Telkom July Big Deal is Here

Telkom has recently unveiled its Big Deal for July 2020, which would make sure you don’t run out of data. "We're aware that needs differ and...
Bioculture System

Why are Scientists Trying to Manufacture Organs in Space?

by Alysson R. Muotri Gravity can be a real downer when you are trying to grow organs. That’s why experiments in space are so valuable. They...




Pick n Pay

You Can Now Make Cash Deposit at all Pick n Pay...

Customers can now make cash deposits directly into their own bank account at any Pick n Pay till point, anywhere in South Africa. Deposits at...