Smartphone Cradle available in SA for BMW motorcycles and scooters

We are really slaves to our smartphones – we tap at our screens every four minutes as we suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) – and we rely on them to in most of our life situations. We use them to navigate, telephone friends, enjoy music and much more else – the skills of modern smartphones are multiple. By Staff Writer

However, as the smartphone continues to advance it has not been made part of a motorcycle or scotters.

But BMW Motorrand is changing this. It has designed a smartphone cradle being able to fasten smartphones up to a size of 5 inches quickly and safely to the handlebar clamps for optimum rider’s readability and handling.

BMW Motorrad Smartphone Cradle
The BMW Motorrad Smartphone Cradle will be available in South Africa from the 1 July 2016

The Smartphone Cradle will be available in South Africa from the 1 July 2016 for R2474,24 including VAT.

Installed in a robust plastic hardcase the smartphone is not only perfectly protected against dust and water, but offers best possible readability, too, thanks to an antireflection flex foil see-through vision panel.

Power supply is made by the onboard socket (special accessory). Charging is done via micro-USB or – if available – the wireless way according to Qi standards. In this connection the necessary energy transmission is done by electromagnetic induction. A light-emitting diode informs about the charging state.

An anti-slip, vibration and shock impeding gel pad shelf ensures a safe and careful installation as well as warmth draining for the smartphone while riding.


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