VAST Networks to deploy, and operate Wi-Fi services for all MyCiTi buses in Cape Town

VAST Networks, open access Wi-Fi network provider, has partnered with the City of Cape Town to deploy Wi-Fi to all MyCiTi buses.

The first stage of the project will involve ten buses across various routes, with commuters being able to enjoy 50MB of free data per day.

“Our partnership with MyCiTi will deliver a fast and seamless Wi-Fi infrastructure to commuters, both local and international,” says Grant Marais, CEO for VAST Networks.

“Wi-Fi connectivity is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives; providing a reliable and safe way to connect to the web will go a long way in enhancing commuters’ travel time and is the next step in making Cape Town a truly smart city.”

Delivering free Wi-Fi connectivity across the various buses will enable commuters to be productive whilst travelling as they will be able to send e-mails, read the news, communicate, and engage in work and online social activities.

This initiative forms part of the city’s efforts to improve the attractiveness of the public transport system and encourage residents to minimise the use of their cars.



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