ShowMax added to DStv Explora decoder

ShowMax, the internet TV service launched in August 2015, will now be available on connected DStv Explora decoders.

This is the fourth new viewing option introduced over the past four months and extends access to subscription video services to an even wider audience. In particular, these new viewing options make it easy for people with a standard (non-smart) big screen TV to watch ShowMax.

“In South Africa, interest in internet TV is entering a new phase. In addition to early adopters, we’re now seeing a more mainstream customer base wanting to try the service out. For Explora owners this is a risk-free proposition – binge entire box sets from the very beginning without having to buy any new equipment,”  said Barron Ernst, Chief Product Officer of ShowMax.

To access ShowMax on an Explora, the decoder needs to be connected to the internet. More information on how to connect the Explora is available here: Connect your DStv Explora.

ShowMax will be added to all active DStv Exploras in South Africa in a phased rollout starting 13 June 2016. A ShowMax subscription is needed to access the service.

As an added convenience, customers paying for DStv via debit order will be able to pay for ShowMax directly through their DStv account.

“We’re already busy on the next phase which is developing apps for additional streaming media devices as well as gaming consoles. Our goal is to provide a great viewing experience no matter what you’re watching ShowMax on,” concludes Ernst.


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