Flipsid3 Tactics lose out on Telkom DGL Master title

In the second game of the Telkom DGL Masters series held today at rAge Expo in Cape Town, Flipsid3 Tactics were no match for the fourth seeded Carbon eSport.

After only two rounds of a best of three Carbon eSports beat Flipsid3 Tactics 16-6 in two straight games.

Team leader Rikus “ZipZipZa” Klue was naturally despondent after the loss. “We have had some recent changes to the team so we are still finding our feet when it comes to roles and responsibilities during a match. These are challenges that we will overcome with time. Hopefully by October we will stand a better chance at competing against the top seeded sides.”

Tomorrow sees second seed Damage Control take on seventh seed White Rabbit Gaming and third seed Aperture Gaming take on sixth seed Xperts @ Total Chaos. These two matches will determine the final spots in the semis to take on Bravado Gaming and Carbon eSports who have now advanced. The first of the semis will also be played tomorrow at rAge.

The remaining teams are:

All games are streamed live on: http://www.twitch.tv/dgl_live and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7_dwibjnCI




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