The Shoprite Xtra Savings Rewards Programme Signs Up 20 Million Clients

Shoprite Xtra Savings

The Shoprite Xtra Savings Rewards Programme attracted a surprisingly high 20.3 million clients over the 53 weeks to 4 July 2021, reassuring investors that the rewards programme will fuel customer spending.

The Xtra Savings Rewards Programme was launched by the Shoprite supermarket chain in October 2020.

“Consumer response on both counts has been unrivalled, with the Xtra Savings Rewards Programme signing up over 20.3 million members,” the company informed investors on Tuesday.

The success of the launch of the Xtra Savings Rewards Programme during the previous financial year in the Checkers (including Checkers Hyper) chain, has gained traction and the 7.6 million Xtra Savings Rewards Programme customers as at 4 July 2021 contributed to the achievement of the record market share for the brands.”

Shoprite signed up 12.7 million customers.

Checkers, inclusive of Checkers Hyper, now operates from 268 stores in South Africa. Of this, the number of stores in the Checkers FreshX format has increased to 41 from 28 stores in the prior year.

The Shoprite Xtra Savings card is already helping shoppers to realise significant savings in tough economic times exacerbated by the impact of COVID-19.

Shoprite Xtra Savings customers receive instant discounts of up to 40% off on everyday essentials. There is also be added benefits in the form of free, and additional savings on combo deals, which are applied automatically at the till.

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