German pharma giant Bayer Targets South African Startups to Create Digital Healthcare Solutions

The firm is banking on startups to create digital innovations in the healthcare industry.

German pharma giant Bayer is embracing technology to move into the digital healthcare space.

The firm is banking on startups to create digital innovations in the healthcare industry.

It wants to conquer mobile health and provide much-needed healthcare solutions to South Africans.

The pharma company is bringing to South Africa its successful Granst4Apps Programme, which aims to bring promising startups under its wing as part of a global web of startup initiatives.

The initiative is an open innovation framework where Bayer aims to collaborate with innovative digital health startups.

This platform has been operational for a number of years and since inception, it has borne over three thousand ideas found in 60 countries. Currently, there are over 10 projects running between Grants4Apps startups and Bayer functions.

The initiative aims to connect health startups with industry experts and help the best talents to thrive within the digital healthcare universe.

The initiative offers startups an opportunity to become part of an economically inclusive market where innovation is not only encouraged but appreciated as a catalyst for expanding both economic and social growth.

Bayer announced on Friday that applications are now open for its exciting Grant4Apps initiative in South Africa.

Interested applicants can now apply for either the Accelerator and Dealmaker programmes at

Accelerator Programme 2017

The Grants4Apps Accelerator is a mentoring programme for digital health startups which will be taking place in Berlin.

This year up to five startups will be hosted in Berlin with the programme running from September until November.

Entry into the programme offers health startups an opportunity to get mentoring by entrepreneurs and Bayer experts, office space for 100 days, and funding of more than R725 000 (50,000 Euro).

Accelerator is open until 31 May 2017 for early stage startups.

Dealmaker Programme 2017

This programme calls for all mature teams, startups and companies that have a solution that is ready to go and could close a possible deal.  Applications to Dealmaker will stay open until 30 June 2017.

“With innovation at the heart of Bayer, we fully appreciate the role that open innovation can play in the healthcare environment. This is particularly important in the African context where the challenges in healthcare differ to the rest of the world,” says Tasniem Patel, head of communication for Bayer in Southern Africa.

“Grants4Apps also represents a unique opportunity for South African innovators to take their work to the next level with the support of Bayer. We are looking for start-ups beyond the ideation phase in developing health technology or IT solutions that can connect and empower patients or healthcare stakeholders.”


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