Meet Lifekiy: The Travel Revolution start-up

The first social platform where creative individuals, create perfect travel groups, live dream experiences & travel for free, is finally on air at It has been designed to offer nonprofessional users, a set of tools to organize or find unique social trips, get matched with ideal travel groups to share social  travel experiences and the opportunity to fund their trips.

A brand new social marketplace to prove that there are no restrictions to organize and live outstanding journeys, with the most amazing people, even in the case of lack budget. Its purpose is to inspire people to live their dreams, breaking any barrier standing in between, matching them with the ideal group of travel buddies, on a global scale and help them live their dream experiences together.

Lifekiy adapts the sharing economy model to the group travel market. A trending business model that has been disrupting industries for the past decade starting with eBay and more recently with successful businesses such as Uber and Airbnb.

Nonprofessionals got provided with tools to produce qualitative services and approach consumers.

Lifekiy is a democratization which will change the way people experience traveling. The power is on nonprofessionals’ hands and their ability to organize creative and unique travels that emphasize on the human factor. Organizers or leaders as they are called in Lifekiy’s community create social oriented trips. They do not focus on planning a strictly structured itinerary, full of activities at a particular destination, but on the establishment of a flexible plan to create memories with the perfectly matched travel group of like-minded co-travelers.

Lifekey: The Travel Revolution

As Lifekiy’s co-founder and CEO Konstantinos Chatzipetrou declares: “Nonprofessional trip organizers used to feel like small fish in the massive ocean of organized itineraries by travel agents and operators. For their voice to get heard, they need to discover and exploit their competitive advantage. They don’t need to create trips to satisfy the mass and margin profits. They can create unique social oriented trips. This is how they will be able to swim with the sharks!”

Lifekiy claims to be the first global social platform to allow unique travel experiences to happen and create ideal travel groups, organized by nonprofessional’s through Lifekiy, easily and safely.

Lifekiy was founded in 2015 by Kostas and Antonis Chatzipetrou.


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