Google Maps will now help you avoid traffic jams across South Africa

Google is introducing a new feature to Google Maps that will alert you about upcoming traffic conditions on the way to help you identify the quickest route.

Google South Africa said on Thursday that the Google Map app will give you a heads up if congestion lies ahead, and how long you’ll be stuck in a jam.

Traffic can be a major issue in Africa’s big cities, and trying to make your way out for a long weekend or get around can be problematic without proper planning.

“You’ll also get the option to take alternate routes, including explanations for why one is recommended—whether it’s the fastest or just avoids traffic,” said the company in a statement.

The firm added that whether you plan to join the crowds or avoid them on Freedom Day and the Workers Day weekend, “Google Maps will help to smooth the way to your destination”.

The company also launched the traffic alerts feature in Kenya and Nigeria.



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