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A mobile liquor store comes to Jozi


Johannesburg based entrepreneurs, Sanele Ngubane and Thokozani Mashego, are positioned to boost the momentum of radical change in the mode of moving people, goods and services in the information era. Their push comes through Phuza Patrol, a new online outfit positioned as mobile liquor store that can be hauled via a mobile phone tap. By Vula Mthimkhulu, Ujuh News

They are part of a big story.

It is a story that will one day, in the near future, have a drone hovering over a pool party to top up the depleted beer and whiskey  stocks. Many other interesting things can be delivered in this fashion. Imagine a belly dancer descending from a drone a few minutes after the order.

Phuza Patrol tells a story of software as service. Ngubane sees an app that can be exploited further into delivering experience. In future the liquor package can come with a DJ and other accessories.

If you like, you can narrate the Phuza Patrol story as follows:

In the beginning; there was Uber, the online taxi booking service followed by UberEats, UberVan and the talk of UberTravel. Then came a string of other players that are leveraging on online software as a service. The global list includes Lyft, Curb and Sidecar who are promising to give Uber a run for its money on the ride sharing service market.

On the local front there is Locomute, a South African car sharing outfit that promises to make car ownership a thing of the past. Tap your smart phone and voila you’ll have a hired car that you can drive to your destination at a rate that fits your short tenure, say for an hour to the airport.

And now, comes Phuza Patrol to deliver that missing last round that could save the house party after hours.

How does it work?

You will be able to register as a customer almost instantly on the Phuza Patrol platform (phuzapatrol.co.za).


Phuza Patrol scooter
Phuza Patrol – Get alcohol delivered straight to your mouth


When registration is done, a user can scroll through the online catalogue and place an order.

The Phuza Patrol system is linked to a fleet of carrier bikes with smart riders who pick up geo-location of the order.

The riders will then collect and dispatch. Payment is made via a mobile speed point at the destination of the package.

The founders say in future Phuza Patrol aims to offer delivery bike rentals to empower small business and fridge space letting to outlets wishing to add their own stock for afterhours trading.

The primary motivation came out of a tragedy. The story goes: Just as the party was getting hot, beverages ran out.

“So, four of the most valiant gentlemen at the party volunteered to go stock up. The only thing that came back was news of their accident. They had made it all the way back but skipped the last traffic light, 25 meters away from the complex gate.”

As such the founders see their initiative as part of a drive to counter drinking and driving mixed with an entrepreneurial bug.

Johannesburg might never be the same again if this Phuza Patrol thingy takes off as planned. Ujuh

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