SA actor Thapelo Mokoena post his ‘hit and run’ ordeal on Facebook

 After four days in hospital following a “hit and run” incident, actor Thapelo Mokoena has taken to social media to recount what happened to him. By Mpho Raborife, NewsAgency

On Saturday morning, Mokoena posted on his Facebook account that he had been struck by what bystanders described as a red Audi while he was jogging in Vanderbijlpark, south of Johannesburg on Tuesday night.

“I started my run and it’s was going well as usual,” Mokoena wrote. He had started jogging at 19:45.

“I reached my 5km mark and started to make my way back. I keep going and just before I reach 7km it all ended. What happened??

“The next thing I know I wake up on the side of the road bleeding everywhere (from my head, my arms & my legs).”

Mokoena said when he came to, he saw a man standing above him who told him that he was badly hurt and had called an ambulance to come and attend to him. The man was later joined by his wife but a disoriented Mokoena kept shouting at the man to either take him to his wife and son or leave him to walk there himself.

Eventually the couple drove Mokoena to the house where his family was, about 2.5km from the scene of the accident, he said.

Mokoena, his family and the couple then made their way to hospital.

Hit and run

Mokoena further writes that according to two men who were collecting waste in the area at the time of the incident, the Audi was initially travelling in the fast lane, it then moved to the slow lane, hit Mokoena, moved back onto the fast lane and drove off.

“Literally HIT & RUN!,” Mokoena wrote.

“I was unconscious for 15 to 20 minutes on the road and I miraculously took a huge gasp of air and went manic. According to the 2 street guys, the driver of the vehicle and his passenger where white males,” he added.

Later that night he said he woke up pain only to find himself in a hospital bed.

“I have open wound in my head and I am being stitched, open wounds on my back, my arms and the back of my legs and a fractured ankle so I can’t walk.”

Mokoena said he was yet to open a case at the police station because he was still recovering from his injuries.

“The investigators can only start when I have lifted myself from this bed and gone to the police station to file my case, I still have no idea who the drivers of the red Audi are/were,” he said.

Mokoena and his family had planned to return to their home in Johannesburg on Wednesday and prepare for their trip to Rustenburg, North West to celebrate the ANC’s 104th anniversary.  – News24


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