BMW unveils mirrorless concept car

The German-based car manufacturer has launched the BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept Car that comes with the BMW i 8 Mirrorless concept at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. By Staff Writer

The BMW i 8 Mirrorless concept system replaces the rearview mirrors with three cameras, which covers larger viewing angles and eliminates dangerous “blind spots”.

BMW said in a statement that the interior mirror is replaced by a display that shows wide-angle images.

The manufacturer added that the system evaluates camera images and provides a situative response to imminent hazards, for example with yellow warning icons. It added that superimposed trajectory lines provide support during parking, and the passenger can also observe the traffic behind the vehicle.

The Munich-based manufacturer said the Vision Future Interaction Concept Car provides an outlook on the networked cockpit and the user interface of the future.

The concept car provides information for the driver through head-up display, instrument cluster with three-dimensional display and 21-inch panorama display.

It comes with AirTouch, which is sensors that recognise movements made with the hand and also depth movements.

“This means that the panorama display can be operated like a touchscreen without having to actually touch the surface,” said the car manufacturer.

BMW i 8 Image Gallery



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