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How Do Children Use The Internet?

By Sonia Livingstone and Mariya Stoilova The internet has reached almost every corner of the globe, but most research on how it is used, particularly among children,...

Finding Trust And Understanding In Autonomous Technologies

In 2016, self-driving cars went mainstream. Uber’s autonomous vehicles became ubiquitous in neighborhoods where I live in Pittsburgh, and briefly in San Francisco. The...

Cybersecurity’s Next Phase: Cyber-deterrence

Deterrence focuses on making potential adversaries think twice about attacking, forcing them to consider the costs of doing so, as well as the consequences that might come from a counterattack.

Fintech Revolution Goes Much Further Than Simply Digitalising Banking

In the very near future, the poorest of the poor will use technology to educate themselves and access financial products and services, anywhere and at any time.

Go Digital, or Prepare To Face Obsolescence

he fight for survival in a digital world will be won by companies who understand what their customers want and who are smart enough give it to them via the device they are most connected to – their phones.

The internet meets politics

In thinking about the impact of the internet in politics, we usually consider how social media, websites and other online resources are used as a vehicle of political communication. Yet, its impact as a symbol and a powerful narrative is equally strong

A Groundbreaking Designed Car That Drives Like A BMW And Charges Like A Smartphone

A Car For Free Thinkers Embracing Sustainable Drive To Avoid Petrol Stations.

Apps to keep kids thinking and learning even during school holidays

Here's a guide to getting rid of "junk" apps and ensuring your kids develop healthy tech habits both in term time and during the school holidays.