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The Much Anticipated WOAN Could Be Rendered As A Still Born

As the Mafadi Consortium, we waited with much anticipation for the Invitation to Apply that would herald the start of the already long process...

Connectivity Will Shape The Future Of Movement

The ever-accelerating pace of technological innovation promises an era of mass, high-speed connectivity with the potential to not only boost human progress but improve...

Tap, Tap, Tap and Grow

It has been a year of reckoning: a year that lit a fire beneath online payments in South Africa, transforming eCommerce while creating immense economic pressure. As...

Managing The Inflammation of Change Management

By Prof. Josef Langerman The human body doesn’t like change, especially when that change is brought on by some sort of trauma or injury.  When...

The Ethics of Employee Tracking

There are technologies that allow organisations to monitor employees through their webcams, email and networks. On the surface, these are tools that allow companies...

South Africa’s Electricity Supply: What’s Tripping The Switch

by Rod Crompton Eskom, South Africa’s state-owned power utility, has a litany of financial and operational problems. In 2017 the Goldman Sachs Group declared it...

Multi-Cloud – The Silver Lining To Cloud Adoption

The benefits of the cloud are, by now, well-known to CIOs and IT managers – cost effectiveness, scalability, dynamic operations, quick-to-deploy systems, agility, flexibility...

How To Stay Protected From Cyberattacks This Festive Season

In a world where we are constantly connected, cybersecurity cannot be limited to the home or office. When you are traveling— whether domestic or...

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