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Saturday, July 22, 2017


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Your First Year as a Freelancer or Sole Trader? How to Get on Top...

By Viresh HarduthTax filing seaso kicked off this week and millions of South Africans are planning to file their annual returns in the given time...

FinTech – New Opportunities (and risks)

by Karl Blom, Associate at Webber WentzelThe rise of the FinTech industry may herald a significant upheaval to the financial services industry, and significant...
Public wi-fi symbol

Public Wi-Fi—To Browse or Not To Browse: We’ll Answer the Question

By Karen Mesoznik, SaferVPN What You Should Know About Public Wi-Fi Usually when you’re preparing for an upcoming trip, your mind runs through the usual concerns and...

South Africans Don’t Know Much About Science. Why This Is A Problem

By Dr Saahier Parker, Human Sciences Research CouncilFrom the microchips in smart phones to the largest jumbo jets, science and technology influences the way...

5 Hot South African Startups That Raised Capital in Junk Economy

In a first six months of 2017 that saw the South Africa’s sovereign credit rating downgraded to BB+ from BBB grade, pushing the rating...
High-quality 3D animation of a human hand giving a globe to a robot hand. Dark background, focused on Africa and the Middle East. (Earth texture from NASA - earthmap http://visibleearth.nasa.gov)

The Rise of Innovation Accelerators in Sub-Saharan Africa

By Mervin Miemoukanda, senior research analyst: Software and Market Intelligence in Africa at International Data Corporation While businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa have steadily been adopting 3rd...
African woman in a yellow shirt texting message with mobile phone

Are Data Prices a Barrier to Financial Inclusion in Africa?

By Brian Richardson, CEO and Co-Founder, WIZZIT InternationalIn Africa, banking the unbanked remains a pressing need. Roughly 700 million people in Africa are financially...
Testing games. Young man wearing virtual reality headset and gesturing while sitting at his desk in creative office

What’s The Difference Between VR, AR and MR?

by Ben DicksonAre we living in a simulation? This laughed-at notion is becoming increasingly acceptable as technological advances are blurring the boundaries between reality...
Machine learning systems , accurate facial recognition biometric technology and artificial intelligence concept. 3D Rendering of Man face and dots connect on face with blur city background.

Machine Learning Is Here. How Switched On Are You?

By Keith Fenner, vice-president, Sage Enterprise Africa & Middle EastMachine learning, which used to be something only computer scientists in server rooms discussed, has...
Smart farming, Hi-Tech Agriculture concept

Huawei, Telcos to Help Make Smart Farming a Reality in Africa

The digitisation of our economy is changing various sectors of the economy – and the agricultural industry is no exception.By 2050 the world’s population...