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Retro old television in vintage white wall background

Welcome to Our TV Revolution

By Hans Geldenhuys, managing sales director at Intelsat Africa is projected to be one of the world’s fastest-growing television markets over the next decade. To cement...
Machine learning and artificial intelligence concept. Man suit hand holding Ai chipsets and blue tone of automate wireless Robot arm in smart factory background

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Retail Game

By David Cosgrave, Customer Intelligence Lead at SAS There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love shopping and those who would...
Amazon mobile application on screen of Samsung S5 in hand.

Redefining the DNA of the Shopping Experience—or Trying to

By Alan O’Herlihy, Everseen It’s easy to point to Amazon’s lack of experience in brick-and-mortar retail as an explanation for the difficulties it’s facing as...
Nissan Leaf

Nissan Electric Taxis are the Smarter Choice for Millions of People Around the World

For millions of people around the world looking for a comfortable taxi journey, riding in a taxi became a more enjoyable experience – and...
The Central Business District of Johannesburg viewed from the Carlton Centre.

Creating Wealth Across Africa

By Africa Ranker The most successful companies in Africa are spread across the continent, from north to south, and east to west, though of the...
City of Johannesburg

It’s time for African Infrastructure to get Smarter, Faster and Sharper

By Vincent Chin, Boston Consulting Group's Senior Partner and MD of South East Asian businesses and operations “Show me the money”- the famous mantra of...
Online Banking Technology Ecommerce Commercial Concept

Why South Africans are not Big on Banks

South Africa is a country of well-known promise and peril. Despite being the largest economy on the African Continent, the nation is plagued by high...
Connected Car

More Than Just a Tracking Company

By Wayne de Nobrega, CEO of Tracker South Africa To most people, Tracker is a Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) company. But while Tracker still has...
Privacy Access Identification Password Passcode and Privacy

How to Protect your Data Against ISP Snooping

by Ben Dickson As internet privacy continues to unravel, it is becoming more and more evident that you’re on your own to protect your data...
Women Robot

What’s Preventing Artificial Intelligence from Taking the Next Big Leap?

by Ben Dickson No one will argue that Artificial Intelligence has taken great strides in past years. Thanks to AI we’re getting targeted and personalized...