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Marketing is a Team Sport

The MarTech gold-rush promises to deliver predictable success. Consolidating multiple data sources has the potential to provide one view of the customer experience and actionable...

SweepSouth’s Aisha Pandor Gives Her Tips To Startup Success

As we embark on a new year many of us will be looking to launch new business endeavours. But the road to success is...

We’ve Got Hundreds of Millions of People to Reskill – Here’s Where to Start

So how can we adequately prepare tomorrow’s workforce at the same time as retraining the hundreds of millions of people whose work is evolving?

Meet Xenobots The World’s First “Living Robot”

Not bot, not beast: scientists create first ever living, programmable organism.

Connected Cars, Cloud and Cybersecurity

by Prabashni Naidoo Autonomous, or self-driving cars will make driving safer, smarter and more efficient. Equipped with internet connections, often wireless local area networks, enables...

End of the Shop Checkout Signals Dire Future For Those Without the Right Skills

by Richard Holden There has already been a fair number of jobs lost to automation over recent decades – from factory workers to bank tellers. In...

Financial Trading Bots Have Fascinating Similarities To People

by Christian Borch In 2019, the world fretted that algorithms now know us better than we know ourselves. No concept captures this better than surveillance...

Screen Time: Conclusions About The Effects Of Digital Media

Most of us spend hours each day glued to some type of screen for work or play. But is that a bad thing? Has anyone got the data to figure it out? Now is the time for 'The Human Screenome Project.'