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Machine learning and artificial intelligence concept. Man suit hand holding Ai chipsets and blue tone of automate wireless Robot arm in smart factory background

How Healthcare can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence

by Ben Dickson As artificial intelligence takes leaps at an increasing pace, there’s fear that robots will conquer the future and put humans out of...
A Nissan Vmotion 2.0 concept car at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

The Future of Car Tech: A Car Customised to Your Needs

by Gugu Lourie The car of the future will turn your smart road into a fuel station. This car of the future also promises new benefits...
Alicante, Spain - September 15, 2016: Cubes with logotypes of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Android, Skype placed in the sand against the sea.

The Tyranny of the Social Media Filter Bubble

by Ben Dickson Two days ago one of the worst crimes against humanity in recent years took place in Syria. The government of Bashar al-Assad carried...
The “rainbow nation” was seen by many – including a lot of its own citizens – to be exceptional, having more in common with the developed states of Europe than some of the countries on its own doorstep.

South Africans are Learning that they’re not that Exceptional After all

by Nic Cheeseman There was a time that South Africa looked very different to the rest of Africa. The “rainbow nation” was seen by many –...
Connected Car

My Car, My Hero: What the Connected Vehicle will be Capable of Doing on...

by Bosch Saving lives and preventing accidents: no, it’s not some sort of costumed superhero, but the connected car in the year 2025. Together with the...
Connected Minds series. Design made of human profiles, wires, shapes and abstract elements to serve as backdrop for projects related to reason, artificial intelligence, technology, science and design

How Artificial Intelligence is changing the world

by Bradley Elliott, director of digital agency Platinum Seed Artificial intelligence (AI) is commonly associated with science fiction films and some distant future scenario where...
South Africa currency, rand

South Africa is on a Cliff Edge – Just as it was in 1985

by Jannie Rossouw This article was first published last year as South Africa faced a possible downgrade by rating agencies Current developments in South Africa are...
The Internet of Things offers great opportunities for Africa. Shutterstock

How to Make an Internet of Intelligent Things work for Africa

by Martin Hall Late in 2016 Senegal’s Banque Regionale De Marches announced the launch of the eCFA Franc; a cryptocurrency for the countries of the West...

How WhatsApp Encryption Works – and Why there Shouldn’t be a Backdoor

by Antonis Michalas A battle between national security and privacy is brewing. Governments and secret services are asking encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp to allow...
Estonian e-Residency. Author

Estonia is Offering Virtual Residency

by David Glance Estonia is a small country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe with a population of 1.3 million and a GDP of US...