Eskom Ends Load-Shedding, Now Has Enough Generation Capacity


Eskom suspended load-shedding Sunday at 21:00 saying it made sufficient recovery in generation capacity.

The power utility had initially announced that load-shedding would continue through the weekend and end on Monday morning.

However, Eskom said it was “pleased to announce that load-shedding has been suspended from 21:00 tonight due to sufficient recovery in generation capacity”.

The power utility said the period of load-shedding assisted us in replenishing the emergency generation reserves in anticipation of the week ahead.

Since Saturday morning, Eskom said its teams have returned nine generating units to service, helping to ease the capacity constraints.

A generating unit each at Hendrina, Majuba, and two units each at Kriel and Matimba power stations, as well as three Kusile units, returned to service.

Five other units have not yet returned to service from failures over the weekend.

Eskom said it expects to return some of these and more generating units during the week, which will further ease the capacity constraints.

Total breakdowns amount to 14 509MW while planned maintenance is 5 860MW of capacity.

Eskom would like to thank all South Africans for their tolerance and understanding during the load-shedding.

“We further appeal to the public to continue using electricity sparingly and to switch off non-essential items,” said Eskom.

“We will communicate promptly should there be any significant changes to the power system.”


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