Several Months Later, iAfrikan Media CEO Mohapi Beats Virus

SURVIVED COVID PNUEMONIA: Tefo Mohapi, CEO of iAfrikan Media, leaves hospital on Christmas Day

Tefo Mohapi, CEO of iAfrikan Media, has survived the worst of COVID-19 and lived to tell the tale.

For three months Mohapi’s life hung on a thread.

For all that time he was intubated as he lay in his hospital bed fighting to stay alive.

The virus had attacked his lungs so badly he needed a ventilator to help his breathing.

Several times Mohapi’s family was told by doctors that there was nothing more they could do.

Recounting his battle to stay alive, Mohapi said he tested positive for Covid-19 last year on 19 July.

“I tested positive for Covid Pneumonia and was immediately admitted to hospital,” Mohapi recalls.

“I was due to be vaccinated that week as vaccination had just opened for my age group.”

However, the positive test meant Mohapi could not have the jab as had been scheduled.

“For three months or so I was on a ventilator. I was resuscitated several times on different occasions due to lung failure,” says Mohapi.

“Most of those times the hospital called my family to say there’s nothing they can do, I’m likely gone soon.”

The CEO of iAfrikan Media spent 145 days in the hospital.

iAfrikan Media is a multi-disciplinary technology and media company focussing on media production, publishing, data analytics, and the development of media technology tools.

After recovering from Covid-19 Mohapi had developed other health issues that needed treatment.

“I beat Covid sometime in September and spent the rest of the time recovering from second-order effects,” said Mohapi.

Surrounded by nursing staff who cheered Mohapi for his remarkable recovery he was discharged on Christmas Day.

“The recovery continues at home as I work on regaining muscle, working on lungs, and getting fitter.”

“Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.”

Having survived the worst of Covid-19, Mohapi says: “I’d suggest everyone listen to medical professionals and get vaccinated and get the booster”.

He added: “I’m grateful to Ramasedi (God) for being alive.”


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