How SA business has overcome unified communications challenges

unified communications
unified communications

South African organisations have struggled to enable secure, available, and integrated unified communications and collaboration solutions for their people. Required to rapidly adjust to hybrid work environments, among many other challenges, the sudden deluge of technical overhead crippled the ability of a lot of IT teams to align with more strategic objectives.

In place of this rising complexity, South African businesses need a managed solution with predictable costs and scalability. They need secure technologies and services. And they need dependable availability, including where infrastructure is less developed.

Hosted private unified communications are highly effective at giving people access to business systems, enabling collaborative activities, and providing secure communications via robust architectures. ITIL service desks and extensive partner networks also benefit from feature-rich and resilient hosting collaborations at the heart of their organisations. It helps people work smart as well as hard.

Practical advantages

Delivering opex-based services via semi-private hosted cloud reduces financial burden and simplifies integrated solutions, which reduces the administrative overheads on IT teams.

Hosted collaboration creates the capability for people to transform the way they deliver products and services, create new customer experiences, and new business models hosted in a private cloud that is secure and dependable, for business that is always on.

Powered by Cisco’s leading global technology, hosted collaboration (HCS) from BCX provides regular updates that eliminate future legacy integration challenges and creates flexibility with the speed to adapt as the business evolves. It also maintains a fine balance between costs and service levels.

Delivered as a managed service or private cloud, locally hosted in a Tier IV data centre, and supported by fully certified engineering teams, HCS from BCX is an end-to-end solution.

Value-added services include configuration management, reporting, call recording, TMS and contact centre services. And partnering with BCX means organisations get comprehensive integrated ICT solutions, a national team of more than 6 000 people, as well as compliant international frameworks, methodologies and standards.

Unified collaborative solutions for businesses have never been so capable. Contact your BCX representative today to learn more.

  • This article was published in partnership with BCX Cisco


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