Avon Launches A YouTube Make-up Masterclass With A Difference

Behind the Beauty by Precious Xaba

What do you get when you blend make-up tutorials with inspirational and uplifting stories of successful women? Behind the Beauty – an Avon YouTube masterclass relevant for the beginner, or expert, proudly hosted by renowned make-up artist Precious Xaba.

Featuring open and honest discussions with South African personalities and celebrities about the real challenges they have faced, or are facing, in their lives, Behind the Beauty aims to unmask what lies behind the personalities whom the public adore and create a community forum for inspiration to help others overcome similar barriers to success.

Behind the Beauty launches this month and the first episode will be broadcast this July.

In each episode, Xaba will use Avon products to create a unique make-up look for the guest celebrity who will be featured in that episode, while creating this look, Xaba and the guest will take time to engage in discussions around how the guest has managed to overcome the challenges they have faced and achieve success.

The element of storytelling provided by the show perfectly aligns with Avon’s campaign titled: Watch Me Now, which is a celebration of the successes that women have achieved, and are accomplishing, against all odds: from working moms who have managed to earn a degree; the tales of an unemployed woman who has educated her children using the money she has earned as a Representative; to how a woman who has successfully beat breast cancer reached her dreams or how a neighbour made a life of her own after leaving an abusive partner.

This collaboration will also include Instagram livestreams where Xaba will do easy step-by-step make-up tutorials on IG live featuring influencers. Furthermore, Xaba and her guests will take to Instagram where they will do live, interactive sessions for their followers and give them the opportunity to ask beauty-related questions and advice on how to overcome a variety of challenges.

Xaba will also share with our digital viewers some easy tips and tricks to achieve those seemingly difficult make-up looks using Avon products.

Each episode will feature a different make-up look and will feature a new South African personality who will be sharing their story of how they have overcome the odds.

Among the media personalities and influencers that will be featured on the show is Celeste Khumalo – an actress, model, brand ambassador and MBA student. Kgothatso Iman – popularly known as the “Model with a Mark’’ – a 26-year-old business owner, model and student. Lastly, photographer and model, Lesego Legobane known as ThickLeeyonce.

“Behind the Beauty aims to showcase the fact that Avon is more than just a beauty company, but a company that harnesses the power and reach of its platforms to empower, support and uplift women.  Through this YouTube series, Avon seeks to give women the platform to discuss the everyday, real challenges that women face in South Africa, from body positivity, cyber bullying, mental health, discrimination, female entrepreneurship and gender inequality, while at the same time educating women about make-up.

Behind the Beauty is a YouTube Series with a difference that will not only empower women with enhanced knowledge about beauty, but will also serve as a source of inspiration and a survival guide for women facing relatable challenges,” says Mafahle Mareletse, Managing Director of Avon Justine Turkey, Middle East & Africa.

To subscribe and receive notifications for Behind the Beauty on Avon South Africa’s YouTube channel, please click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/AvonSAfrica

The live event dates will be advertised through Avon’s social media pages, so be sure to follow and like Avon South Africa on Facebook and Instagram:


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