Telkom May Big Deal Is Here: Get 20GB For R99

Telkom May Big Deal
Internet. Photo by Cristian Rojas from Pexels

Telkom has unveiled the May Big Deal, which is data-packed and keeps you connected for next to nothing.

The SmartBroadBand 20GB Wireless LTE SIM-Only May big deal offer with 20GB of data is available for R99 a month.

The Telkom March Big Deal deal includes the following:

  • 10GB Anytime data
  • 10GB Night Surfer data
  • LTE MiFi router
  • R99 Once-off activation fee
  • Connects up to 16 devices

Why the May Big Deal?

Enjoy the convenience of connecting instantly, anywhere and at any time.

No landline required, no technician needed. Just insert your SIM card, plug it and enjoy a fast, reliable connection.

And if you already have a portable WI-FI device, you can purchase the SIM-Only option.



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