5 Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate Agents during COVID-19

So, you can use these strategies in the long-term as well. With these tips, make the most out of your real estate marketing.

Real Estate Agents
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The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected global economies. Many businesses are opting for different tactics to create new opportunities and expand their client base amid the current restrictions. Among all the industries that are impacted, real estate has been one of the worse affected.

When it comes to real estate agents, creating a successful funnel of lead generation is a top priority. Thus, they need to come up with new marketing strategies for making their business functional as well as profitable in this time of a global pandemic.

How to Generate Leads during COVID-19 

Here are some of the best methods to help real estate agents develop a great lead generation strategy. These will support their business during the pandemic.  They will also help them succeed once this pandemic situation gets in control. Here are five lead generation strategies:

  1. Informative Videos Are the Way to Go

Informative videos are one of the best ways to get the viewers’ attention. A study shows that  70% to 93% of all communication is nonverbal. When you are putting up a video instead of a written message, you are giving the viewer different body postures, hand gestures, vocal tone, and facial expressions. Thus, the words become more than just simple written words on a screen. They come alive.

Real estate agents should make the most of the videos. Clients cannot visit a property due to lockdown restrictions. Thus, in addition to marketing videos, you should upload videos of the properties on sale. The best way to do this is by shooting a virtual tour of the property. This way, customers will be aware of all the features of the property. This may lead to more inquiries.

For making high-resolution videos, you don’t need to have a whole camera crew. You can make them at your home and edit them using online editors. This is one of the best tools for real estate agent marketing.  With videos,  you can connect with the client even without being physically present there.

2. Upgrade Your Technology and Use QR Codes

You can attract buyers from a different mode of conversion. You can use knowledge as a base and help your buyers find out the latest real estate business trends. Additionally, you can use QR code scanning to make people signup for your webinars and discussion panels.

Sending a QR works in the same way as sending a brochure and postcard to your potential client. QR codes are relatively easy to create. Plus,  you can put anything inside them. Examples include a link to an informative video to a link to your website. You can even put a Google maps link which can directly take the user to the property’s location.

3. Use Social Media Funnel

In this COVID-19 period, your potential clients are on social media sites more than ever. Social media is one of the largest online playgrounds for sharing information. Social media platforms have people of all ages, genders, and lifestyles. As a result, it is a great place to start streamlining your marketing funnel and find new consumers.

64% of people in the United States have said they are spending more time on social media than before the mass spread of COVID-19. When you are on the internet, you need to advertise your brand message in a much more informal way which is the internet’s common language.

You need to attract social media accounts on your page and not on the property. This needs to be your primary aim for the campaign. This way, your followers will be attracted to your posts. They will start sharing and liking them.  In no time, you will build a good relationship with them which can help you secure a deal.

4. Use the Influencer Market for  Exposure

As a lead generation strategist, you need to present your company as a sincere stakeholder in real estate.  To do this, you can collaborate with social media influencers. They can bring needed visibility to your business.

Many famous influencers on social media have millions of followers. Thus, they can quickly generate views for your products and services. However, you need to be careful as to whom to choose. Not every social media influencer will have clients from your niche.

5. Take Advantage of VR and AR

If people can’t go out and check the property, you can make the property visit them. This can be done with virtual reality and augmented reality. . With this technology, you can create a virtual tour of your properties and send it to your potential clients. Even if they don’t have a VR system, they can still see the 360-degree video. With it, they can easily see the complexity of the structure.

Now you might be thinking, what’s the difference between virtual tours and making a video of the property and sending it to clients? See, the difference lies in the way virtual tours are shot for VR. In a video, a client can’t move on their own. The client has to follow the recorded movement. When it comes to a VR experience, the client has the full advantage of exploring the house on their own.

As a result, it builds a better trust factor between clients and real estate agents. You can create a small 60 seconds 360-degree video that will help in building a follower base on Instagram and other social media websites.


These are some of the best lead generation strategies that a real estate agent needs to consider to gain potential customers through the online market amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, every post that you put on social media or your website will stay there after the pandemic is over. So, you can use these strategies in the long-term as well. With these tips, make the most out of your real estate marketing.


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