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Nissan Celebrates 150 million Vehicles Produced Globally

By Nissan

Nissan has reached a new milestone with 150 million vehicles produced globally. It took 73 years for Nissan to produce its first 100 million vehicles after the company was founded in 1933, and another 11 years to build the last 50 million.

Nissan sees this achievement as the result of 84 years of continued support from all of its stakeholders worldwide, including employees, dealers, suppliers and local communities, as well as the numerous customers who have chosen cars produced by Nissan.

When Nissan reached the 100 million vehicle milestone in 2006, 76.5% of the total vehicles had been produced in Japan.

Nissan celebrates 150 million vehicles produced globally
Nissan celebrates 150 million vehicles produced globally

Localization of production accelerated in the past 11 years, during which 76.5% of the 50 million Nissan vehicles were made outside Japan – driven in particular by the U.S. and China.

The Japanese carmaker Nissan started the zero emissions movement in 2010 when it introduced the LEAF as the world’s first mass-produced electric car.

In 2013, Nissan South Africa introduced 100% electric Nissan LEAF as part of its global drive to advance sustainable mobility and to grow the market for zero-emission vehicles.

Nissan’s focus for electric cars in Africa is South Africa, but it is also selling them in Mauritius and Seychelles.

The Japanese car maker believes it’s too early to think of introducing electric cars in most parts of the African continent, where the auto market is dominated by second hand cars due to lack of access to finance and credit facilities.

Nissan, however, regards Africa as the last frontier for auto market globally and is looking for expansion opportunities for its new vehicles.

The company became the first global car manufacturer to build a car in Nigeria.

Furthermore, Nissan is planning to build a new model bakkie at its Rosslyn plant as early as 2018.


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