Huawei Public Cloud to Open up the World to its Users Like Airlines

"The cloud is a cornerstone of the intelligent world," said Guo Ping, Huawei's Rotating CEO.

Chinese firm Huawei has unveiled its ‘Grow with the Cloud’ strategy.

The group wants to partner with telcos around the world to build a cloud network with global coverage

This is part of Huawei’s strategy to continue leveraging the strengths of its global platform to build an open ecosystem that thrives on shared success.

“The cloud is a cornerstone of the intelligent world,” Guo Ping, Huawei’s Rotating CEO, said.

“Society is experiencing a tangible Matthew effect in digital technology development. Because of this, as well as economies of scale in investment, clouds around the world will begin to converge – becoming more and more centralized. In the future, we predict there will be five major clouds in the world. Huawei will work with our partners to build one of those five clouds, and we’ve got the technology and know-how to do it.”

Speaking at the annual Huawei Connect conference in Shanghai, Guo in his speech assured customers and partners that Huawei has made strategic investments in the public cloud domain, and will provide long-term public cloud services.

He said the company will build a global cloud network based on its own public clouds, as well as clouds that it has built together with partners.

Guo likened Huawei’s strategy to the three major airline alliances – SkyTeam, Star Alliance, and Oneworld – which take passengers wherever they need to go in the world. Huawei Cloud, he said, “will open up the world to its users”.

He went on to explain Huawei’s business model for the cloud, emphasizing that Huawei will monetize technology and services, not data.

He said, “Huawei’s Cloud DNA is made of a unique combination of technology, security, services, and shared success.”


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