Review: Impulse Duo Wireless Headphones Delivers Better Sound

The relatively inexpensive wireless earbuds offer premium sound and have enough battery life of more than 10 hours.

The Impulse Duo Wireless earbuds are comfortable in-ear and make listening to music a pleasure.

This is no surprise as the Impulse Duo Wireless headphones are produced by iFrogz, a Nasdaq-listed ZAGG’s brand specialising in creative mobile accessories.

iFrogz has created a niche for itself as a provider of budget-friendly buds but still making you look as if you are using premium audio wireless earbuds.

For R459 at Takealot and Música Stores, the Impulse Duo Wireless earbuds are one of the most affordable headphones offering premium sound in the market. They are much less than several Bluetooth audio devices currently priced above R700.

The Impulse Duo Wireless earbuds are built around the trademark signature of iFrogz’s wireless hub, which features a magnetic clasp and houses the battery, microphone, all the electronics and all the controls.

The smartphone call and music controls have been intuitively incorporated into an innovative control module that magnetically clips to your shirt, eliminating the weight of the earbuds, while you seamlessly connect to your device.

The Impulse Duo Wireless headphones, however, deliver a better sound than the Impulse Wireless, which we reviewed in May.

They provide wonderful sound and are convenient to carry.

Impulse Duo Wireless headphones
Impulse Duo Wireless headphones

I also took the Impulse Duo Wireless headphones connected to my iPhone 6s for a test during my jogging and could play my music through my workout. I later learned that the buds are sweat-resistant.

What makes it better is the fact that each earbud contains two drivers which greatly increase your audio range. This means you get high and mid-frequencies as well as a lot more bass. The blend of all three makes the sound fuller and your music experience richer.

To accommodate two drivers inside each earbud case, iFrogz says it uses powerful but lightweight Neodymium magnets. It adds that premium components mean richer, fuller sound for an enhanced listening experience.

Full Control at Your Fingertips

The wireless control features simple, intuitive buttons that keep your music and calls within reach while the magnetic clip secures your earbuds when they’re not in use.

The beauty about these buds as always is that they allow one to connect to Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows listen to music, watch movies, and talk to friends without plugging a wire.

Impulse Duo Wireless headphones
Impulse Duo Wireless headphones

The Impulse Wireless earbuds are also backed by the IFROGZ Earbud Tips for Life limited lifetime warranty program. If your earbud tips get worn, damaged or lost, IFROGZ will replace them – no questions asked.


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