Nokia Launches New Connected Consumer Health Products

New products include Nokia Body BMI Wi-Fi connected scale, Nokia BPM+ soft-cuff blood pressure monitor, new Nokia Health Mate app with 360-degree view of health.


By Staff Writer

Nokia today announced the availability of connected consumer health products in the market.

The launch completes the transition of products from the Withings brand.

Nokia trackers, scales, vital health devices and home products will now be available in-store and online through top retailers worldwide including Best Buy,, and Bed, Bath & Beyond; coming soon to retailers including CVS, Target, Babies”R” Us and Apple.

The Nokia Body: BMI Wi-Fi connected scale makes weight management easy and affordable

Nokia Body offers smart weight management for the entire family and provides high accuracy measurements via Position Control technology, a patented body position detector.

The Body will retail for R781.24 ($59.95).

The Nokia BPM+ is a new, compact blood pressure monitor providing users with an easy, more comfortable way to measure their blood pressure at home or when traveling.

BPM+ measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate.

FDA-cleared and medical CE approved, BPM+ ensures accurate monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate over time, and can share data with users’ medical professionals to prevent, manage and monitor the efficacy of treatment for conditions such as hypertension.

BPM+ will retail for R1693.45 ($129.95).

Redesigned Nokia Health Mate application offers tailored coaching solutions. Nokia Health Mate sits at the centre of the digital health experience, collecting data from each device to provide insights and trends on weight, activity, sleep and blood pressure.

“Nokia’s global expansion into digital health builds on Nokia’s unmatched track record of quality, reliability and trust, which are characteristics that are all critical to success in the health industry,” said Brad Rodrigues, interim president at Nokia Technologies.

“The products are beautiful, easy to use and fit seamlessly into people’s daily lives, enabling individuals to easily monitor and improve their health.”

The Nokia digital health product line offers convenience, choice and accessibility for every lifestyle.

From those desiring a healthy change without a drastic behavior overhaul, to those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Nokia meets the widest range of consumer health needs.


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