How to get 18 hours a day of free Internet?

You want free and unlimited Internet access for 18 hours. Sound crazy. Fortunately, there is a new way to give you unlimited free data during ‘prime time’. That’s free, unlimited Internet usage between midnight and 6pm every day, giving you 18 hours a day. By Staff Writer

It’s the first time anyone in South Africa has given you unlimited free data during ‘prime time’. This is bandwidth done right!

Afrihost is offering its customers free unlimited Internet, known as Free-Time.

How does Free-Time work?

  • Quite simply all the data and GBs you use on any of Afrihost’s Capped DSL packages between midnight and 6pm in the evening will be absolutely free.
  • That’s not a typo.PM. Not AM. 18 hours. 0h00 to 18h00. Every day.
  • All the data that you use for these EIGHTEEN hours each day will simply not count towards your Cap.

Who qualifies for Free-Time?

  • If you have (or get) any Capped data or Capped bundle package with Afrihost you qualify for Free-Time.All GBs used during Free-Time will be completely on the house! None of the data your connection uses until 18h00 at night will count towards your Cap anymore.

How do You get Afrihost Free‑Time, without paying ‘exorbitant’ rates?

  • Free Time iss automatically enabled on all Monthly Afrihost Capped DSL Packages, including Bundles – you don’t have to do a thing… Other than download the internet!
  • The only requirement for the use of Free-Time is a positive data balance, so if you run out of your cap you’ll have to top up to use Free-Time.
  • If your account is Suspaaended or Paused you will also not be able to use Free-Time.
  • All Monthly Capped DSL Packages, including Bundles, will receive Free‑Time until 30 November 2016, at which point the offer will be revised or extended.

So what would you do with Free Time?

  • Fall into a guilt-free YouTube spiral.
  • Watch as much morning or afternoon Netflix as you want.
  • Download to your heart’s content.
  • Unleash the kids on their tablets.
  • Don’t ever worry about how much data you or your family and friends are using during the day again.
  • All you have to do is enjoy some Free-Time.

“I won’t lie,” Gian Visser, Afrihost CEO and founder, pointed out in a letter to customers.

“Doing this makes me a bit scared. Actually more than a bit. But whenever I’m scared about something we’re doing it means that our clients are absolutely loving it!”

Back in 2014, MTN – South Africa’s second biggest mobile phone operator – shelled out R408 million to buy 50% (plus one share) of the internet service provider Afrihost. Everyone literally swept this deal under the carpet.

Afrihost  directors and (together with some of theirs friends and family) are in the process of buying the 50.02% shareholding that MTN currently own. For more read: MTN dumps Afrihost after few months of marriage

“And we’re going to relentlessly focus on what we believe we’ve always done best: Innovation, looking after our team and our clients and working ridiculously hard to give you the best possible value and experience,” said Visser.



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