New SA app rates the best dishes based on other users’ reviews

Do you like food? Do you like eating food and taking pictures of the wonderful works of art? Well then welcome to Grate, a South African app that aims to be the worlds #1 food rating and recommendations app. By Gugu Lourie

The app store is crowded with options to find best restaurants in town, there are few that rate food.

Now you can rate that meal so that the next person doesn’t have to go through the agony of ordering the wrong dish and having to dig deep and keep eating.

With Grate app that will never happen again, all you need to do is go to a restaurant, open up the Grate! app, look for a recommendation based on previous graters ratings and reviews, pick the best rated dish and BAM there you go.

With Grate app you also earn Grapes (Grate points) so the more ratings and reviews you make the more points you acquire that can be exchanged for discounts, complimentary dishes and travel packages.

Grate is built around pictures and sharing, and is likely to be a favourite with Instagrammers.

The app empowers Grater’s to provide honest feedback about restaurants.

Grate developers said the app started over a dinner at a restaurant with a couple of friends back in January of 2016. The friends were out exploring and tried a new highly rated restaurant. Upon getting there they realised that they knew nothing that was on the menu and were really perplexed and undecided as to what they must order……

They had to rely on what the waiter recommended or what they saw being delivered to someone else.

It was quite a dilemma that got the founder and CEO of Grate thinking: “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an App where I could go to and check-in to a restaurant and see the best rated dishes based on other users reviews, but reviews that can show pictures and comments and pricing.”

But there was one problem how would we get all the menus from all the restaurants across South Africa?

The app developers relied on a simple method: User Generated Content, every Grate user can enter the dish which they are having or have had, this is all linked to a restaurant which they have entered and in so doing the Grate users are building the Menu.


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