Vodacom customer faces a staggering R20 000 data bill

Susan Tarr, a Hoedspruit Vodacom customer, faces a R20 000 data bill on his Samsung tablet after his seven-year-old-son Matthew watched Minecraft tutorial videos on YouTube.

According to The Power Report in the Sunday Times, Tarr clocked the staggering data bill despite setting a R50 overdata limit on her MYGIG2 open contract for R319/month.

Tarr was advised by SMS of ‘unusually high data usage’ only when Matthew clocked R17 000.

“I can only assume it had been my son’s Minecraft tutorial videos on YouTube,” Tarr told The Power Report in the Sunday Times. “We had moved house at the end of July; we’d been staying with my brother where there had been Wi-Fi.”

A few days after Tarr was handed over to debt collectors,  Vodacom responded to the query by Megan Power of The Power Report in the Sunday Times by agreeing to write off the data debt.

“Vodacom in keeping  with our principles to provide the best customer service and experience, has taken the decision, in good faith, to credit Ms Tarr for data charges billed,”Vodacom spokesman Byron Kennedy told Power.

The full report is available in this week’s Sunday Times.


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