R17 Billion Owed In Unpaid Bills: Tshwane Recovers R500 Million

RECOVERING DEBTS: Tshwane Mayor Randall Williams

Tshwane Mayor Randall Williams said Tuesday that the #TshwaneYaTima revenue collection has yielded more than R500 million.

“Following the implementation of the #TshwaneYaTima revenue-collection campaign two weeks ago to recoup over R17 billion owed to the City of Tshwane, I am pleased to report that we have so far managed to collect over R500 million,” said Mayor Williams.

The mayor said 1 061 accounts were disconnected.

“This includes 533 government accounts and 528 business accounts,” said Williams.

Meanwhile, a total of 335 defaulting clients responded with payments.

The mayor said the campaign has proved to be a step in the right direction to correct the culture of non-payment, which ultimately has dire consequences on how a municipality can” deliver services to its communities.

“The campaign is ongoing and we have also started disconnecting defaulting residential areas,” said Williams.

“I urge all consumers of City services not to ignore their bills, but rather to come forward and make arrangements to keep their accounts in good standing.

“Our customer care centres remain open to assist residents with all their municipal queries and to make payment arrangements.”

Williams said the City also offers virtual consultation sessions via Zoom.

“I would like to thank all the clients who have cooperated so far. It is important for the City to reinstitute a culture of paying for services rendered,” said the mayor.

“This #TshwaneYaTima revenue-collection campaign is going to be the new norm in Tshwane.”


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