Data Aggregation Platform SimplyMustard Teams Up With Junior Mining Association


Virtual Assessment Centre and Data Aggregation Platform, SimplyMustard, has partnered with Junior Mining Association (JMA) to provide a range of best-in-class cognitive, behavioural, technical, and developmental assessments. This will be available through SimplyMustaPlatform, which will both support and empower the junior mining sector and its members. It will also facilitate growth.

The SimplyMustard Virtual Assessment centre offers a fully functional digital solution that simulates a traditional assessment process by assessing candidates’ skills and behaviours in a controlled environment, thus enabling better decisions about recruiting, developing, and optimising a business or organization’s talent pool.

“We are delighted to partner with JMA and bring SimplyMustard’s Smart Virtual Assessment Platform to their members. Our platform not only removes administrative burden when it comes to recruitment but will also help with talent management,” said Karin Williams, CEO of QBIT.

SimplyMustard is the joint creation of QBIT, a respected product solution house, and Fastcomm, an innovative technology solutions provider.

The intent of the partnership is not only to provide Junior Miners with access to this world-leading platform, at reduced rates, but it will also allow the JMA to play an active role to collaborate and assist the SimplyMustard team to research and develop bespoke and unique products and services required by junior miners.

“As a sector upon which our economy is dependent on for job creation and economic growth, we are excited of the value that this partnership can hold for junior miners as well as the economy as a whole” said John-Ernest Fogwell, COO of the Junior Mining Association NPC.

The Junior Mining Association NPC (The JMA) was formed with the sole intent to support and empower the Junior Mining sector in South Africa. As this industry serves as an important catalyst of economic growth and a key job creator in South Africa, we believe there is a dire need for a united and specific voice to duly represent the industry.

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