How Could You Bring More Streaming, Gaming To Your Home With Telkom’s June Big Deal

Woman on a smartphone. Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

Telkom has unveiled the June Big Deal, which brings more streaming, gaming and monate to your home.

The June Big Deal is a SIM-only package that is available for R199/m x24.

You get a total of 80GB on SmartBroadband 20GB Wireless. That’s 40GB Anytime data + 40GB Night surfer data. Make it an even bigger deal, and a smoother connection by adding a WiFi router for an extra R70 PM.

“Connect to a mobile device of your choosing and take monate with you wherever you go. Let your friends and family join in on the monate with a LTE WiFi router which connects up to 64 devices or tether their devices using your handset.”

What you get with the June Big Deal

      • 40GB Anytime data (validity period 61 days)
      • 40GB Night surfer data (Midnight – 7am and validity period 31 days)
      • Available on Telkom 2300MHz LTE/LTE-A network (subject to coverage check)
      • Add a Wi-Fi Router for extra R70
      • LTE Wi-Fi Router which connects up to 64 devices
    • Telkom Big June Deal
      Telkom Big June Deal

The June big deal which is SmartBroadband 20GB Wireless starts from 1st June 2021 to 30th June 2021.

A flat rate of R 0.70 on per-second billing basis will apply for any voice call on SmartBroadband 20GB Wireless service, with exception of emergency services (10111, 10177 and 112) and Telkom helpdesk 081 180 which are free from a Telkom Mobile SIM card.

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