How Can Discovery Vitality Customers Watch Netflix For Free A Month

Discovery Vitality members can claim the reward when they make just one Vitality Active Rewards goal for the month.

Discovery Vitality
Discovery Vitality

Discovery Vitality announced today a timeous new reward for members – a month of Netflix for the cost of a coffee or smoothie.

For a limited time, Discovery Vitality is offering members an extra incentive to stay fit. From 3 April 2021 until 3 July 2021, you can access a R250 Netflix reward by attaining 150 Discovery Miles for a month.

 “We have always enhanced our rewards aligned to what we know members will enjoy most as an incentive for keeping fit and healthy. Netflix is the premium streaming platform for current content, and we want to offer our members safe and valuable options as we navigate the reality that is COVID-19,” Vitality CEO, Dinesh Govender says.

“This reality means we are spending more time at home and enjoying digital entertainment options, hence the partnership.”

Govender adds that members can claim the reward when they make just one Vitality Active Rewards goal for the month.

“We recognise the challenges associated with the current context, therefore it was important for us to ensure that the reward is accessible. We’ve made this an extremely attainable at just 150 Discovery Miles for a month’s access to Netflix, which is what it would cost members to redeem a coffee or smoothie reward,” he says.

“This approach is in line with the principles of Discovery’s shared-value insurance model, in which we incentivise our members for engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviours, towards greater societal good,” Govender says.

This campaign will not be available on other Vitality programmes, including VAR for SAB, VAR for Doctors, KeyFit, Vitality Health Tracker and Remedi Healthy Food.

Discovery Vitality is the largest platform for behaviour change globally, underpinning the insurance products of 14 leading global insurers, with more than 20 million members in 24 countries.

It is a leading behaviour-change programme that underpins insurance and financial services, creating shared value by combining behavioural economics and clinical science to encourage and reward members for exercising more, eating healthier, managing stress, and looking after and improving their health.



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