10 Spot-on Advantages of Front-end Developers

There are several reasons why a career in web production should be chosen.

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In this new era, to take advantage of the benefits that the digital network offers and be competitive, any company needs a website. Globally, there are around more than 1.8 billion websites. The numbers are representative of the number of career openings in web production there are. In the professional community, someone who can code, develop, evaluate, and maintain websites is highly sought after and on the right career path for a secure future.

These days, there are many debates about the user interface (UX). Excellent user interface begins with a helpful and good-looking web page that attracts users to it and interacts and attractively links all relevant resources. Web production, for this reason, is a fascinating and exciting career option. It gives you plenty of opportunities to display both your practical knowledge and your originality.

For those who want to start with the IT adventure, there are many reasons to pursue frontend, which is the most popular option. Learning HTML5 and CSS3 is something that we don’t need to say, yet starting to imagine moving forward is a must-know. JavaScript – a proper programming language, is what else a frontend developer may remember. Then the frontend dev skills can be progressively applied to various types of systems and libraries, but it usually depends on the project you are going to work on.

There are several standards for frontend development, and in a number of situations this expertise can be applied, but we have tested some deals and learned the requisite skills.

  • experience in JavaScript
  • HTML, CSS/SAAS navvy
  • knowledge of at least one: React, Angular, Vue, Ember
  • experience with GIT (or other version control systems)
  • good English
  • knowledge of at least one: Bootstrap, Foundation
  • experience with RWD

Best Career Growth

Everyone still needs a website about it or modern systems. The high demand for competent web development engineers in Poland and abroad has been induced by the gradual, cumulative number of internet users and the continuous growth in the number of websites. In all sectors, their support and resources are in demand.

Web production on the front-end pays well 

According to the Innovative Community Wage Guide, a front-end web developer with three years of experience will receive from $80,000-$119,500.

Front-end web developers are in demand

Front-end web developers are in demand, whether you choose to work for a company or as a self-employed freelancer. In reality, the front-end site developer has been named one of the Top 10 Innovative and Marketing positions of 2017 by the Creative Community.


You can work from anywhere as a front-end developer, including from home. This makes it one of the occupations where you can choose the most versatile. You can work in various fields, such as image processing, UX/UI, mobile creation, and more, with the skill set you learn.

Many opportunities for employment

In all industries, online presence has become a key driver, and customer/user interaction is a continuous obstacle for businesses. You will build a prosperous career, whether you want to work with companies, non-profits, or become a self-employed freelancer.


Creativity and innovative problem-solving are all about front-end site growth. You would have the expertise to design personalized websites to provide the best possible user experience as a front-end web developer. We all know that the web developers’ market is continuously increasing in today’s world. The Internet plays a crucial role in all life forms, such as education, acting, industry, government sector, transport sector, and many other fields. Web creation skills are required with the growing usage of smartphones, computers, the Internet, and various technologies. The smartphone industry is evolving, and web developers will transition to mobile production seamlessly.

 An area that continuously expands

The creation of the front-end site is an exciting profession because it is still developing and changing continuously. This ensures that you will always have the ability to connect and learn new things with new instruments, keeping you interested in your work. It’s a sector that has numerous hands-on learning opportunities.

 Quick to learn

Due to the availability of tools to learn from and the variety of opportunities to acquire knowledge, web development is easy to understand. To become a successful web developer, you do not want a degree from a prestigious university. You may be well on the way to being a top web developer with the proper mindset and experience. According to Pugh, people who are comfortable with HTML5, CSS3, and new JavaScript platforms, such as Angular JS and Backbone JS, are in high demand.

Be your own boss at work

Be your own boss and hire the most robust version on your own. Initiate your own business if you have business experience. You’re able to render frontend services. Freelancer developers are granted options to choose and pick their suitable projects and may pay their own prices. Whenever you intend, from anywhere you feel relaxed, you will function.

 Deliver Opportunity To Settle Abroad

Web creation learning is an accurately valued ability to acquire an edge within 2 to 3 years of experience. It’s an awareness that helps you go everywhere after you become able to pursue an outstanding paid job or, better still, hire yourself. It would help if you ever travelled overseas to earn more wages and live abroad permanently.

Working from where you need to

The most critical goal of studying the course on web creation is freedom of work. There’s the Internet everywhere. The laptop is a mechanical, movable computer that you can use anytime. Websites from all over the world can be enlarged. Where, when, and how they choose to work, expert web developers benefit from the optimal amount of flexibility.

Well, the best thing about the frontend is that if it goes extinct soon, you don’t have to think. The booming age of website applications is already on, so it is, of course, nice to add some expertise from time to time and never stop improving when it comes to software development. There are common improvements in the IT world, there is also a buzz for a new language or preferred library, so if you want to remain on top – still develop your ability set and… be an expert in your profession.

Look at the No Fluff Jobs report and contrast the deals of big tech vendors in Polish cities such as Kraków, Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław, and Gdańsk.

A frontend developer average wage ranges from 8500 to 14000 PLN (B2B, gross), whereas a daily work deal is a little lower and starts from 8000 PLN (gross). Depending on the region, it is important to realize that the wage level is different.

Even if you live in a smaller town without a proper tech house or some form of business providing a competitive wage, a remote job is still feasible in the IT environment.

 JavaScript knowledge

JavaScript expertise is one of the basics for anyone seeking a frontend career path, but there are tailor-made roles for those who don’t want HTML and CSS to bother much. JavaScript is a technology that makes the application or website interactive, but it is not so simple to master it nowadays – while it requires only simple arithmetic (logic), it takes time to get satisfactory results. There are few other specifications for a JavaScript developer, such as Redux expertise in connection with Angular or React, know-how when it comes to operating according to BEM methodology and obviously decent CSS commands.

How to find a job as a frontend developer?

Lately, being a frontend developer or a Python developer, without a doubt, is a common dream for a large number of people who want to retrain and change their career direction dramatically. The positive side of the frontend is that not much math is required to get the fundamentals relative to the backend, full-stack or big data. Even if there are no complex mathematical patterns needed, rational thought is a key to success in software creation. What may be an asset, though, is learning the style. An eye for facts, some graphics programs at your fingertips, simple UX/UI awareness and interface experience, colour matching, and so on – combining talents is a way to go if you really want to stand out from the crowd of junior developers.

For a career trajectory, is frontend still a reasonable choice?

Of course, a lot comes down to individual abilities and behavioural patterns, but for someone who has an eye on information, wants to really see the outcomes of the work in a project and can appreciate what doesn’t work well there in a breeze when looking at the website – a great alternative is frontend. This also pays off career-wise, particularly if you put any work into learning JavaScript well.

Web development is not going to dry up as a job market and many firms will also need web devs because of immense demand, either to build and work together on a project or to adapt it to market demands, add certain functionality, and so on – there are countless possibilities. A high-quality code is still needed and this won’t change.

There are several reasons why a career in web production should be chosen. Web production provides lots of possibilities, whether you’re starting with your profession or looking for a shift. To become famous with employers, and set yourself up for a thriving career, master the new instruments and techniques.



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