Avon Justine Gives An Opportunity To Micro-Entrepreneurs

Avon was one of the first cosmetics companies to end animal testing nearly 30 years ago and has continued to push for positive change around the globe for three decades. 

Avon Justine
Mafahle Mareletse, Managing Director of Avon Justine South Africa.

Economists and experts agree that entrepreneurship has the potential to stimulate economic growth and generate much-needed economic opportunities. The increasing digitisation of the economy has opened up unprecedented opportunities for aspiring micro-businesses to leverage the ubiquity of online platforms to market their businesses beyond their geographical confines.

As one of the leading beauty and personal care company, Avon Justine has been at the forefront of harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of millions of women around the world and giving them the earnings opportunity for 135 years. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to stall economic growth, Avon Justine is once again allowing South Africans to find additional earning opportunities.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are dissuaded from starting their business by the capital outlay required or the hassle that comes with starting a business. Avon Justine is aware of these challenges hence it makes it very easy for micro-entrepreneurs to realise their own ambitions.

“Avon Justine offers aspiring micro-entrepreneurs a compelling value proposition. Prospective micro-entrepreneurs can leverage off our strong, global brand and harness the company’s ubiquitous digital platforms to market their business,” Mafahle Mareletse, Managing Director for Avon Turkey, Middle East & Africa, explains.

“Avon Justine has introduced a number of digital platforms to improve the earnings potential of its micro-entrepreneurs, such as the Avon and/or Justine ON app, the online digital stores, digital brochures and an ordering system using popular instant messaging services. In addition, we provide our brand ambassadors with the technical support and the tools to enable them to use the use these platforms optimally to market and seamlessly run their businesses.”

He points out that the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic impacted negatively on the economy’s ability to generate much-needed growth and job opportunities.

“The outbreak of the coronavirus has dealt a severe blow to the South African economy, which was already in a technical recession even before the introduction of the nationwide lockdown in March last year. This pandemic has served to illustrate how vulnerable many South Africans are and amplified the importance of having multiple income streams. The direct selling industry offers a viable alternative to those who have been laid off and it has the potential to cushion the blow to employees whose salaries have been reduced,” says Mareletse.

He adds: “Those who are fortunate enough to still be employed can use this earnings opportunity to supplement their income and their colleagues and co-workers can be their customers.

Mareletse adds that there is room for prospective Reps and Consultants to take advantage of an earnings opportunity presented by Avon Justine. The Direct Selling Association agrees and points out that the industry generates more than R9 billion in annual sales in South Africa.

“The likelihood of the high unemployment continuing is real, meaning that the prospects of employment for millions of people is very slim, particularly now with the advent of the new strain of Covid-19 which has been classified as more transmissible. Personal care products will always be in demand regardless of the economic environment. Aspiring micro-entrepreneurs can take comfort that they are part of an international brand that has 135 years of experience in the beauty industry,” says Mareletse.

Avon was one of the first cosmetics companies to end animal testing nearly 30 years ago and has continued to push for positive change around the globe for three decades.

“By being part of the Avon Justine Family, our Reps can be confident that they are selling world-class products that offer immense value. Over and above this, they can also be proud that they are part of a global movement that harnesses the power of beauty and its brand to champion causes against gender-based violence and breast cancer across the countries it operates in,” Mareletse concludes.


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