Making Sure Your Home Buying Story Is a Love Story and not a Horror Story

By harnessing the power of technology to facilitate faster, more efficient lending decisions, WeApply delivers an improved overall user experience.

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Real Estate Agents . Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

It was a dark and stormy summer night. As they curled up on the couch, the couple swooned over the dream home they found online. They swiped right and put in an offer, but a dark spectre hung over them. Diligently filling out reams of documents to secure their future, they slept fitfully that night as with trepidation they awaited the news.

When the ding of the email lit up their phones in the morning mist, they were petrified to look.


Their dream home in Ballito was not to be. Why not? They could not get their home loan approved. Could this nightmare of a horror story have been prevented?

Shopping Online is Sexy.

Come on now. No one sits in the Home Office scrolling through home loan websites dreaming about a down payment on their new home. However, due to COVID-19 lockdowns combined with the ability to look up properties in local areas online through a variety of sources, many people daydream about their next home by scrolling through photos online, and occasionally swiping right!

When you find and fall in love with the home you just found online, what is the next step? You may call the agent and ask for a showing. You tour the house; you fall further in love, and you make an offer.

That doesn’t always lead to the happily ever after ending you were anticipating.

Applying for a Home Loan Should Be Easier and Sexier!

The idea of missing out on your dream home is the stuff of nightmares. Why has the industry not made applying for a home loan sexier along with the window-shopping process of scrolling through home photos online?

When you discover your ideal home but struggle to get approved for a bond, what should you be doing instead? This is why getting pre-qualified is a crucial step in the process. You will know your budget and where you stand before you fall in love with a home in the Ballito area.

After discovering your dream home and then finding out you cannot get the bond is not the ideal scenario. Instead, you should be getting pre-qualified so you know your budget and what you can afford before you fall in love.

Choosing an application journey

WeApply, South Africa’s premier fully-digital home loan provider, has created a platform that gives customers a more manageable, sleeker, less complicated and user-friendly alternative to traditional home loan applications.

By harnessing the power of technology to facilitate faster, more efficient lending decisions, WeApply delivers an improved overall user experience. The specialist home loan team at WeApply stands shoulder-to-shoulder with clients in support throughout their application process.

Don’t risk turning your homebuying dream into a financial nightmare. Contact the team at WeApply to learn more about how “You can Do You, and WeApply!”


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