Avon Launches New Brand Campaign: Watch Me Now

“The Avon brand has become part of South African culture with high levels of awareness as a quality brand that is relevant for all."

Think you know Avon
Think you know Avon

Beauty company Avon has launched a new brand movement, ‘Watch Me Now’ which embraces and celebrates those that have been underestimated and unexpected, reaffirming its positioning that Avon is more than just a Beauty company. Avon stands for beauty, innovation, optimism and, above all, women – and has been for over 135 years.

Mafahle Mareletse, Managing Director of Avon Justine, says “WATCH ME NOW is a movement created to celebrate our consumers and Representatives rise. We are here to help you transform into the person you’re meant to be. When you beat the odds, defy expectations, and fulfil your potential, we’ll be right beside you cheering you on”

The ‘Watch Me Now’ brand movement is enabled by unleashing the power of beauty in its 4 key dimensions:

The Power of Woman – Avon gave women the right to earn, before they had the right to vote.

The Power of Innovation – Avon were the first skincare brand to make Alpha Hydroxy Acid (a more affordable alternative to invasive facial treatments) available to all women. In the last 20 years, we’ve licenced over 750 patents and have a world-first patented technology Anew’s Protinol ™ which restores 7 years of collagen loss in 7 days.

The Power of Activism – As the biggest global supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness, Avon donated over R20 million in South Africa to raise breast cancer awareness and organiser of the iThemba Walkathon – one of the world’s largest breast cancer awareness walks. Avon is committed to putting an end to domestic violence against women, raising over R29 million to educate women on domestic violence and stop gender-based violence.

The Power of Value – Avon are able to sell cutting edge, quality products at affordable prices due to selling direct to consumers through Beauty Representatives. We are able to pass on value back to our consumers while every purchase of an Avon product empowers a Beauty Representative, and in turn impacts lives.

‘Watch Me Now’ launch includes a new visual identity and update to the Avon logo, the first in decades; as well as a bolder more confident tone of voice that is more relevant for the brand’s millions of beauty advisors and customers today. The new logo has already begun appearing on products and brochures and includes reference to the curves of the original 1930s Avon logo, with the new colour gradient based on the curves of a woman’s face.

Momin Hukamdad
Momin Hukamdad

“The Avon brand has become part of South African culture with high levels of awareness as a quality brand that is relevant for all. Our consumers have voted Avon coolest makeup brand in a Sunday Times, Generation Next survey 10 times in a row.  We fight for issues that matter, such as gender-based violence and breast cancer,” Momin Hukamdad, Avon’s Marketing Director, SA, said.

“We’ve been offering a flexible earning opportunity and increasing our digital tools available to help representatives conduct their business online. Watch Me Now brings to life the best of what the brand has always been and repositions it proudly in a way that calls to actions our consumers and touches on the concerns and challenges of real South Africans.”

‘Watch Me Now’ will roll out globally across all of Avon’s consumer touchpoints from September 2020.


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