Mobile Casinos – The New Player On The Block

If you’re a first-time mobile gamer, you already know that there are several online casinos out there trying to convince you that they are the only website you should be considering.

When you look around at the world you live in today, it’s clear to see how much of an impact mobile devices have had on our society. Unlike the past when telephones were once used solely to communicate with people through voice, smartphones have played a pivotal role in helping the human race progress forward to the next evolutionary step.

With a mobile device, you can access all the information you need and perform innumerable tasks all from the palm of your hand without ever having to get up from your chair. Much in the same way the discovery of the wheel changed humankind forever more, the smartphone is the tool that defines our generation – but what has it done for the world of online gambling?

Why Are People Choosing Mobile Casinos?

If you are a fan of gambling, you will no doubt consider a trip to Las Vegas as the ultimate getaway, a paradise or mecca if you will. After all, what respectable gambler has never dreamed of rolling down Las Vegas Boulevard all the way to a blackjack table with a delicious cocktail in one hand and a stack of $100 chips in the other?

All of us want this, but at the same time, most of us know that a trip to Vegas comes around about as often as three Royal Flushes in a row. Fortunately, however, thanks to the huge technological advances in smartphone technology, many of us can now enjoy simulated casino experiences anywhere and at any time.

In fact, according to OUSCs recent mobile gaming survey, it is claimed that as much as 60% of the Internet gambling market is now done with an Android, iPhone, or iPad. It’s safe to say that the mobile gaming industry is going to keep growing. People love convenience, and clearly, mobile online casino gaming is the ultimate convenience for any gambling fan – but what options are out there?

Most Popular Online Casino Games for Mobile Players

Much like the real-life, brick-and-mortar casinos, we are all familiar with Hollywood movies like Ocean’s Eleven or Rain Man. Gambling fans who enter these online casinos via their mobile are given many choices on where to spend their money.

Each online casino offers an abundance of games, each with their own unique set of odds and rules, and deciding which one to choose can be a very difficult task for anyone who is new to the experience.

However, OUSC found that when it came to mobile online casino gambling, players demonstrated a significant preference for online slots games, including titles like:

  • Book of Ra
  • Sizzling Hot
  • Aladdin’s Treasure

If convenience is what drives people to mobile casino games, perhaps the simplicity of online slots is what makes them an obvious choice for mobile gamers who want quick access to fast fun.

Where Are The Best Online Casinos For Mobile Gamers?

Now that we’ve got the most popular games out of the way, the next question that needs answering is what are the top online casinos for mobile gamers?

If you’re a first-time mobile gamer, you already know that there are several online casinos out there trying to convince you that they are the only website you should be considering.

Yes, we know it’s tough to make a decision, but research has proven that there are certain casinos out there that specialize in mobile gaming. According to OUSCs report, BetOnline, Bovada, and Cafe Casino all offer outstanding options for mobile gamers and are well worth visiting if you wish to get the best possible mobile gaming experience.

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