MTN Network Is The Best In Mzansi, Says P3

MTN also won the newly introduced Crowd Source Network Quality accolade scoring 113 out of 150

MTN Logo (Photo Credit: Voice of the Cape)
MTN Logo (Photo Credit: Voice of the Cape)
MTN has been certified for the second consecutive year as the “Best in Test” mobile network, making it the only mobile network in South Africa to be granted the global accolade.
The MTN network ranked the highest scores for the quality and performance of its data and voice service measurements ahead of all South African mobile networks in the recent tests conducted by the independent benchmarking auditor, P3 Communications.
According to the P3 test results, MTN scored top marks in all indices, including Best in Test, Best in Voice, Best in Data and Best in Crowd-sourced measured quality.
Key indicators from the latest P3 test showed that MTN achieved the “Best in Test” accolade with a total score of 829 out of 1000, broken down into 288 out of 340 (85%) in voice services, 428 out of 510 (84%) in data.
MTN also specifically scored 89% in data drive tests in the cities, 85% in town drive tests, and 67% in roads drive tests, a landside outperformance to MTN’s peers in the telco industry in South Africa and led with even more significant margins across cities/towns/roads on Voice.
In addition, MTN also won the newly introduced Crowd Source Network Quality accolade scoring 113 out of 150. This new accolade supplements the drive test based measurements with 3 months of 24/7 Crowdsourced measurements from P3 API’s embedded in Google Playstore applications to enhance the reach.
Over the past four years MTN has invested R43 billion, which surpasses any investment by any mobile network operator in South Africa, to build a network that is second to none. At the beginning of December 2018, MTN launched its 11 000 LTE site, pushing MTN’s LTE (4G) coverage to 90% of the population.
This latest P3 ranking follows the findings of the MyBroadband Q4 2018 Mobile Network Quality Report, which confirmed that MTN has the best mobile network in South Africa. Further independent tests by Ookla also found that MTN has the best network in South Africa. No other telco, but MTN, has been granted the P3 Best in Test recognition in South Africa.

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