Samsung Unveils New High-End Gaming Laptop


Samsung has announced the Notebook Odyssey, which is targeting players looking to dominate the competition and enjoy a deeply immersive gaming experience.

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey was announced at CES 2019.

Powered by NVIDIA® G-SYN, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey gives users a deep, interactive gaming experience, with a crystal clear picture that lets them see every detail.

It comes with the latest Intel 8th generation hexa-core i7 processor to keep even the most intense games running smoothly.

The Samsung Notebook Odyssey delivers with a premium metallic design, peak performance and plenty of powerful features.

“With the best design, performance, and features, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey is untethering gamers everywhere,” said Cambridge Mokanyane, chief marketing officer at Samsung South Africa.

“Samsung’s newest high-end gaming laptop ensures users will never again have to compromise to experience the best, most intense games on their mobile computing device.”


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