Altron’s CyberTech Scores Lucrative Gautrain Contract

Gautrain (Photo Credit:

CyberTech, a division of JSE-listed technology company Altron, has been awarded a R5.5 million Security and Network Operations (SNOC) contract for the Gautrain Management Agency (GMA).

The company announced on Wednesday that the contract included a significant security and management investment into GMA’s infrastructure to ensure the organisation gained full visibility into its security and threat landscape.

“Our technology is enabling Gautrain to run their trains on time, supported by a secure and protected technology network which is not vulnerable to cyber-attacks globally or locally,” Boland Lithebe, Managing Executive: CyberTech, says.

“In this partnership, we are intentionally driving societal impact in safety and security by protecting the Gautrain network using intelligent monitoring services to predict and prevent downtimes resulting in a safe and world-class travel service for Gautrain commuters.”

Nkhane Lugisani, Chief Information Technology Officer at GMA, said the relationship with CyberTech has allowed the company to tick all the right boxes and move forward in the right direction.

“This investment was a proactive step by GMA thanks to their awareness of the threats they face and the need to ensure that their security remains state-of-the-art,” said Lithebe.

“We provided GMA with a solution that delivers intelligent cybersecurity capabilities, threat monitoring across global sources, and in-depth analysis of the threat landscape.”

The CyberTech solution included a bouquet of technologies and as-a-service capabilities that were designed to deliver visibility and control. One of the critical components was the CyberTech Security Operations Centre as it delivers an array of security features. These include threat intelligence, endpoint detection and response, networks packet analysis, and next-generation security information and events management.

“GMA wanted a partner that could provide them with the tools, visibility and threat intelligence they required to ensure their organisation met its rising security requirements,” says Lithebe.


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