Vodacom Launches Social Media Command Centre in Cape Town

The Social Media Command Centre will provide a history of previous conversations and queries. All of this information will enable Vodacom to provide a more informed service to each individual.

Social Media Command Centre
Social Media Command Centre

Vodacom announced on Wednesday that it has launched a specialist Social Media Command Centre (SMCC) in Cape Town.

The SMCC is an effective and sustainable solution to the complex and fast-paced demands of digital customer service.

Vodacom has seen a 200% increase in total social media queries from customers over the last 12 months.

In order to meet this demand, the company will spend in excess of R15 million on staff, equipment, infrastructure and technology over the next year.

As part of this, Vodacom will assign a centralised team of specialists that can quickly scale up or down to meet the needs of any online customer through optimised skills, systems and processes. This will strengthen the relationship between Vodacom’s social media platforms and its customers.

“The exponential use of social media amongst our customer base has necessitated the introduction of a specialised unit to service these channels,” says Errol van Graan, Chief Officer: Commercial Operations at Vodacom.

“Vodacom is moving to where our customers need us to be and we are scaling up our resources to make sure that we are able to respond faster and engage better through social media platforms.”

Brands today are tasked with the challenge of resolving customer service queries through social media.

Given that social media has become the preferred channel of communication for customers to connect with businesses, failure to address these queries in a timely fashion can severely tarnish a brand’s reputation.

With this in mind, Vodacom’s Social Media Command Centre intends to create a seamless experience for customers – reducing response times and improving overall resolution of customer issues on social channels.

The Social Media Command Centre provides technology that will enable Vodacom to evolve digitally and offer an improved digital service to its customers.



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