South African startup SkillUp, a web-based platform that helps parents and students find and schedule lessons with tutors in their area, is gaining traction in the market and has launched an Android App.

The main aim of the app is to connect students with the top 3% of tutors in South Africa.

“This is a world class app that makes finding, and connecting with the top 3% of tutors in South Africa a piece of cake,” Matthew Henshall, SkillUp’s CEO, says.

“Now you can easily send messages, enquiry with tutors and keep updated on your students progress! Tutors will also receive notifications when there is a job in their area and be able to respond quickly to parents and students in need.”

The app was developed entirely by SkillUp’s full-time, head of mobile Kent Hawkings, the same man that brought you the highly rated, 100k+, Superbalist Andriod App. The iOS app is not far to follow, promising the same level of quality.

SkillUp takes a service fee off each lesson.

Whilst a student’s selection of a tutor is under the control of the student, SkillUp has taken various steps to ensure that a tutor is trustworthy and a student is safe.

The firm is currently targeting people looking for private tutors.

Over the past 6 months, more than 4000 tutors have gone through the SkillUp application process.

“We aim to get this to 20 000 before the end of the year, and use the Android App to help us do this,” Henshall says.

“We are optimising for tutors, we believe if we can get the best tutors in the country and offer them the best service then ultimately we will deliver the best service to our students and parents. Our lessons are doubling week-on-week and we are excited about what the future holds.”

The company now has 4 full-time founders.

“We have seed capital, first-hires and are looking at unveiling some very exciting, big-thinking, plans over the next couple of months,” says Henshall.


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