You Can Now Buy Legal Services Online At An Affordable Rate at Legal Legends

Purchasing quality legal services at an affordable upfront cost has never been easier in South Africa with the arrival of Legal Legends, Africa’s first e-Commerce website for legal services. By Staff Writer

Legal Legends has been developed by the founders of LexNove as a HandGrenade R&D project still in its beta stage of testing.

LexNove is a South African-first online legal platform for clients to find a “perfect” lawyer online. It enables one to find a perfect lawyer at a fixed price. The platform promises to save clients up to 75% of their legal costs.

Co-founders of LexNove – Andrew Taylor and Kyle Torrington – with six and five years of respective legal practice experience believe that their start-up “is a revolutionary concept which seeks to disrupt a very established industry – the legal fraternity”.

By employing hordes of under-paid garden gnomes, harnessing our passion for tech entrepreneurship and changing the way we engage with you in order to better understand your needs, Taylor and Torrington said in the platform’s blog that “we have been able to bring you Legal Legends, the Africa’s first e-Commerce website for legal services.”

Legal Legends gives you access to a wide range of legal services, at fixed prices – the way legal services should be provided-  whilst making sure the quality of the services delivered are of the highest standard and provided at a price that is understandable and carefully aligned to the value we are adding to your precious business or life.

“We are self-funded, no investors, no credit card debt or second home loans, which means two things: we’ve eaten a lot of baked beans on toast to get here, but secondly, we answer only to ourselves and our customers,” added Taylor and Torrington.
“This allows us to rapidly respond to new market demands, listen to our customers, adapt to changes in legislative requirements, and pushes us to continually innovate our product suite offering, while we take Mzansi’s legal landscape to new frontiers.”

You can access the following services through Legal Legends:

  • Letter of Demand or Lawyer’s Letter at R1 500;
  • Written Legal Opinion at R2 000;
  • 30 Minute Legal Consultation by Skype at R500; etc.

For more packages, visit Legal Legends here.





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