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Turrito Networks, Saicom enter into PBX, VoIP partnership

MICROmega Group company Turrito Networks announced on Tuesday that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Saicom Voice Services, a provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services aimed at simplifying telephony for SMEs.

“Over the years, we have had discussions with many VoIP providers who promise a ‘scalable’ and ‘robust’ solution for SMEs. However, in Saicom, we have found an ideal partner, one that provides us with a unified Cloud PBX and VoIP offering for the diverse requirements of our clients across industry sectors,” says Brian Timperley, managing director of Turrito Networks.

 Companies traditionally had to use the specific PBX and VoIP offerings of their primary network providers, and while this certainly make sense from an integrated solution perspective, not all providers have equally strong solutions in that segment. 

“Our core strength is our agnostic approach to connectivity. We work with our customers to choose the best network and solution for their specific needs. 

This partnership with Saicom enables us to bolt an incredibly powerful Cloud PBX and VoIP value proposition on top of any connectivity solution we implement,” adds Timperley.

 Greg de Chasteauneuf, chief technology officer at Saicom, says that this partnership is custom-fit to their strategy of providing solutions with resellers in mind.

 “Turrito Networks can therefore provide a unified offering without customers having to be concerned about what is required on the back-end. We are already seeing SMEs adopting the cloud in all aspects of their business, a hosted PBX and VoIP solution is a natural progression of that. 

They can remain focused on their business while Turrito Networks and Saicom take care of all their connectivity and cloud requirements,” says de Chasteauneuf.

 Timperley likens the partnership to that of over-the-top services (OTT) in the telecoms space. 

“Traditionally, companies had to stick with a single telecoms provider for all their connectivity and solution needs. But just as we see in the consumer space with the emergence of WeChat, WhatsApp, and other OTT services, consumers now have a choice of selecting solutions based on their needs, regardless of the network it uses. Bringing this closer to the enterprise, with the Saicom partnership, we are giving our customers the best connection for business, the best coverage for their last mile of connectivity, and now the best Cloud PBX and VoIP solutions over the top of any existing network.”


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