SMSPortal developers to squeeze the creative juice out of the Big Apple

One might be forgiven for thinking the Big Apple is a leading destination for developers simply due to its moniker. New York City is, in fact, described by Forbes magazine as one of the ‘top four big locations for start-ups and developers’. Amongst them is Brent Ozar.

An award-winning SQL blogger, a Microsoft Certified Master and Microsoft MVP, Brent Ozar is a very smart guy who merely claims to “help people make SQL Server go faster”.

He does this by helping DBAs (database administrators) to fully master their environments and drive the right architectural challenges with one week of intensive learning in NYC.

Having last year sent its DBA to the Brent Ozar Senior DBA class of 2015, SMSPortal is again investing in advanced SQL training. The software development house is now sending Dante Visser and Juan Swanepoel to the New York SQL Server Performance Tuning course that will run for the week of 11 April 2016.

According to James Pearce, SMSPortal IT Director: “The core of the SMSPortal SMS engine is rock solid SQL Server database technology. After sending our DBA to last year’s Brent Ozar course, we noted an immediate improvement in database performance and robustness.

The 2016 New York SQL Server Performance course became a must have.  There are few people that have the passion Brent has for SQL Server and the hardware it takes to make it go faster.”

The course will be held at the Newark Hilton and topics will include tracking wait stats, tuning queries and execution plans, designing indexes to go faster, hardware architecture and more. “This is a fantastic investment in customer service because the result is even more reliable and higher capacity online SMS platforms,” said Mr Pearce.


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