Telkom enables direct carrier billing for Google Play content store


In a first for the continent, customers can now securely and conveniently purchase movies, TV shows and other video content direct from the Google Play Store using any Android device and charge it directly to their Telkom mobile bill or airtime. By Staff Writer

Telkom on Monday announced that the company now offers Direct Carrier Billing for content purchases on the Google Play store. Direct Carrier Billing is an integrated billing service for Android smartphone and tablet customers in South Africa.

The Google Play Store offers thousands of movies and TV shows for direct download onto any Android device. Telkom’s customers can pay for competitively priced movies, Apps and more from the Playstore by utilising Telkom prepaid or post-paid airtime as payment.

Customers can also make in-app purchases, such as additional content or new levels for a gaming app, without interruption to the app experience.

This “frictionless” payment experience is emerging as the preferred model for payment in app stores, enabling more consumers to access paid content, without the need for credit/debit cards or to register personal details. Details of each transaction will be itemised on customers’ Telkom invoices.

“We are thrilled to be the first on the continent to introduce Direct Carrier Billing for Google Play Store content purchases,” said Enzo Scarcella, Chief Marketing Officer at Telkom. “This is another way that Telkom is providing customers with innovative technology to enhance their entertainment experience.”


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