Massive ‘Zuma Must Fall’ billboard in Cape Town


A hard-to-miss “Zuma Must Fall” billboard that went up in central Cape Town on Friday morning has got tongues wagging about who paid to erect it. By Jenna Etheridge, NewsAgency

Many suspected it was the Democratic Alliance, after the party repeatedly called for President Jacob Zuma’s impeachment.

But DA national spokesperson Phumzile van Damme said they were not responsible.

“It isn’t ours,” she said with a chuckle.

The large advertising space hugs one side of an apartment block at the top of Long Street, on the corner of Kloof and Buitensingel streets. Renting the space is sure to cost a pretty penny.

Twitter was abuzz with speculation. Many took their own photos of the billboard, which sits above a McDonalds.


  1. Need a “he, he, he” picture of Zuma of same size to be “dropped” as the noon gun goes off each day – and then reloaded for the next day and ad-infinitum!


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