Liquid Sea to connect Africa

Liquid Sea, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liquid Telecom, has started a project to build a new subsea cable linking Africa to the Middle East with onwards connectivity to Europe. By Gugu Lourie

Liquid Sea will run approximately 10,000km from South Africa to the Middle East. It will be connected to Liquid Telecom’s pan-African terrestrial network, enabling a reliable and affordable international connectivity service to landlocked and coastal countries in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. The project is already fully funded and it is estimated that it will take 2 years to complete.

Liquid Sea will offer speeds of 20-30Tbps, up to 10 times the capacity of existing submarine cables in the region.

Liquid Telecom Group CEO Nic Rudnick said in a statement that the Liquid Sea project reaffirms the company’s commitment to building Africa’s digital future and removing any bottlenecks in providing the fastest and most reliable access to the Internet to every single African on the continent.

“The impact of Liquid Sea will be a far more reliable and ultra-fast connection for governments, businesses, schools and homes in both coastal and land-locked countries across Africa.”

The new submarine cable is expected to directly connect all coastal countries along the east coast of Africa and to provide new connectivity to the Middle-East and Europe.

The project will include landing stations in several ports that are currently not served by existing subsea cables. It will also leverage Liquid Telecom’s extensive terrestrial fibre network, the largest network of its kind in Africa, to provide onward connectivity to landlocked countries on the continent.

Liquid Telecom’s terrestrial fibre network is the largest single, contiguous network that crosses many borders in Africa. It is complemented by an award-winning satellite service for rural and remote areas.


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