Top Tech Trends Transforming The Motorsport Industry

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Technology is permeating every industry, and motorsport is no exception. The stalwarts of the World Rally Championship and Formula 1 are constantly developing new technologies. 

The love, enthusiasm, and exposure to motorsport will continue to increase as the sport connects more with modern technology.For instance, the Race At Road America, which is part of the NASCAR Cup Series, showcases some of the technological innovations in motorsport.

Top Tech Trends

Here are some of the top tech trends currently transforming the car racing industry:

  • All-wheel drive

The Audi rally team introduced the all-wheel-drive (AWD) into the motorsport universe. This technology rapidly found its way to the team’s state-of-the-art Quattro road car by 1980.

The primary goal of the all-wheel drive is to assist in the smooth handling of a vehicle on rough terrain and flats. The all-wheel-drive – known as ‘Quattro’ during its rally incarnation – has been refined, based primarily on its crude simplicity.

The AWD varies the power relay every wheel receives, depending significantly on their individual needs.

  • Carbon fiber materials

Carbon fiber is now the number one material for constructing high-speed machines, such as Formula One vehicles. The material has significantly improved handling, speed, and strength since it was first used in the motorsport industry.

Carbon fiber is flexible and super light but up to 10 times stronger than steel. It has helped reduce the overall weight of race cars by as much as 50 percent.

  • Active suspension

If you’re a race car enthusiast, you should know that regular or standard suspension is passive. In other words, this suspension performance is affected by road conditions.

But this is not the case with active suspension. This new tech development efficiently lowers and raises the chassis of every wheel on uneven terrain or surfaces for better traction and handling.

  • Joypad steering wheels

Nowadays, Formula 1 steering wheels resemble joypads. Every button on a race car’s steering wheel has a particular function. It is not there for aesthetics but to significantly maximize the driver’s performance.


These are some of the top tech trends that have transformed – and are currently transforming – the motorsport industry. These technologies are so sophisticated and useful that you can even find them in everyday vehicles.

The motorsport industry will likely see more technologies being developed and implemented in race cars. The purpose of these technologies is to enhance drivers’ performance. 


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