THE NORTH STAR playbook – The Guide To Discovering Your Product’s North Star

North Star Framework
Product. Photo by Laryssa Suaid from Pexels

A team using the North Star Framework identifies a single, meaningful metric and a handful of contributing Inputs. Product teams work to influence those Inputs, which in turn drive the metric. The North Star is a leading indicator of sustainable growth and acts as a connective tissue between the product and the broader business. It’s hard to discuss innovative product experiences without thinking of the products driving the at-home fitness revolution.

In this ebook, we will teach you about the North Star Framework, describe how to run a North Star workshop at your company, and help your team converge on a North Star Metric and supporting Inputs. We also cover how to make it stick, when to adapt, and how to integrate the North Star into your day-to-day product development approach.

“Product-led growth is a cross-functional growth strategy that focuses on a product’s measurable growth outcomes, including acquisition, engagement, revenue, retention, and expansion.”

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